Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Improving efficiency key to future success

Corporate America relies on efficiencies to drive its profits. While Walmart has its critics, it is ubiquitously seen as a master of efficiency. Walmart’s focus on efficient business practices are even reflected in its merchandise shipping procedures. By using 27 different boxes, as compared to the 12 it has historically used, the company has been able to decrease the total volume of boxes it ships by one-third. Needless to say, with a company the size of Walmart, this has resulted in tremendous cost savings.

With this in mind, MVCC is looking for ways to improve efficiency in all areas of the institution to make it easier for us to move successfully into the future. Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please share them in the comments below.


  1. AS an educational system, it's a little hard to tell what "efficiency" is supposed to mean. Is it how effectively students learn information? Is it how many students graduate? It is how cheap can we make those things happen? We can't change the "efficiency" of college courses until the Carnegie Hour no longer controls our classrooms, and producing higher volume of students cheaply decreases the faculty-student ratio, which makes the learning process less effective (if more efficient). Not sure how this makes sense to future educational ideas.

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    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for the comment!

      We added a follow by email option. Thanks for the suggestion!