Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Higher Education: Not What It Used to Be?

Hawk Vision is back, and we are ready to talk about higher education.

This week, we ask, is higher education not what it used to be? Is a college education still worth the time, effort, and resulting debt?
Take a moment to read this article from The Economist, and weigh in with your thoughts (you can post them in the comments section below). We are hoping to explore efficiencies and inefficiencies at MVCC, and how they might affect students' experiences and outcomes.

In particular, we would like this article to initiate a discussion regarding our efficiencies and inefficiencies:
  • What policies/procedures does MVCC have in place that lead to efficiencies?
  • What policies/procedures does MVCC have in place that lead to inefficiencies?
  • What policies/procedures could be changed to improve efficiencies?
  • Is focusing on institutional efficiency worth the effort? 

1 comment:

  1. What matters is mission. How well does MVCC fulfill its mission in the community and are the available resources being used wisely? These are questions worth asking, and there are a number of elements in place to support the mission, among them a Board of Trustees, the President's Cabinet, College Senate, numerous committees, an executive and administrative apparatus, and several unions. If anyone wants to help steer the institution there are many ways to become involved. - Jim Sunderhaft, MVCC Records and Registration Office